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House Account Program

House Accounts

Simple. Easy. Convenient. Learn about opening a house account at The UPS Store.

House Accounts

When you own a small business, time is tight and your responsibilities are endless. The UPS Store can help with our house account program. It gives frequent small business customers more personalized service.

Accounting ledger and pen

Our house account customers receive monthly or weekly billing statements for easier expense tracking - and simplified checkout for each transaction. This helps you, or a designated individual doing business on your behalf, get in, out and on your way.

House Account benefits include:

  • Consolidated, monthly billing for easy expense tracking
  • Group authorization, so designated individuals can do business at The UPS Store on your behalf
  • Packaging, shipping and other business services at a convenient location near you

Easy steps to simplified billing:

  1. Complete a brief house account application and choose payment and billing preferences.
  2. Whenever you come in to purchase products or services, we'll bill the total to your account.
  3. Once a month or once a week (your choice), we'll send you a bill and list of transactions - either online or by mail.
  4. On or before the due date, pay by Check or credit card.

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