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    Your business image is online

    By Joel D. Freeman

    If you operate a real-world, mom-and-pop shop, you might worry that your brick-and-mortar business image is stuck in the 20th century. The truth, however, is that you can use social media to gain advantages no Internet retail giant will ever experience. You can connect with your customers and forge strong bonds that last far beyond a browser session.

    A brand used to be just a symbol identifying the owner or origin of a company or product. In today's media-saturated life, your brand now includes how people feel about you and your products and services, whether your business is candy bars, cleaning services, or computer peripherals.

    In today’s media-saturated life, your brand now includes how people feel ...


Small Business Owners usually don’t have much in the way of resources. That’s the whole idea behind Small Business Solutions from The UPS Store®. Not only are we your one-stop-shop for The UPS Store products and services, but we also provide you exclusive deals and convenient means of finding referrals to products and services that may be relevant to you.